CPVC Fittings Manufacturers
CPVC Pipes & Fittings India
CPVC Pipes & Fittings India
Wide Range of PVC Piping Products of World Class Quality
Longlast is the preferred solution provider, with valuable experience in manufacturing innovative and cost effective Piping Systems. The about’s main objective is to meet the growing needs of customers in water, waste management and infrastructure sectors.

The about offers a comprehensive and exclusive range of Polymer Piping Systems manufactured to meet global standards in Quality, Innovation and Service.
Strong & Durable
PVC Piping Products are resistant to weathering, rotting, chemical corrosion, shock and abrasion hence making it a preferred choice for a range of customers for many different long-life and outdoor products. PVC’s abrasion resistance, light weight, good mechanical strength and toughness are key technical advantages for its use in agricultural, building and construction applications.
Maintenance Free
PVC is a popular material for construction applications for decades due to its physical and technical properties which provide excellent cost-performance advantages. Our products meets all international standards for safety and health, for both the products and applications for which they are used. The Pipes & Fittings under go various strength and impact tests thereby resulting in maintenance free usage.
Easy to Install
PVC Piping Systems help prevent leakage and their exceptionally smooth surfaces reduce the cost of pumping fluids.They are much lighter than those made of concrete, iron or steel requiring less energy (and thus fewer emissions) to transport and install. This makes PVC pipes suitable for all types of long-term applications, including domestic water, sewerage, agriculture and deep underground piping systems.
PVC Pipes & Fittings India
PVC Fittings Manufacturers
PVC Pipes Manufacturers